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Perhaps you have heard “horror” stories from friends and family about probate. This is not surprising, particularly when you consider that the California probate process is one of the most expensive and time-consuming in the country. It can take on average at least 12 to 18 months—or even longer in situations involving large and/or complex estates. Settlement of the probated estate may include valuation of assets, establishing a new basis for assets receiving a stepped-up basis, preparation and filing of a Federal Estate Tax return if required, implementation of your Federal Estate Tax plan under a tax planned will, distribution of assets according to the terms of the Will, and advice concerning your fiduciary responsibilities as an executor/executrix, personal representative or administrator.

While much of our practice is devoted to helping families avoid probate entirely, we have extensive experience guiding families through the probate process efficiently and with a minimum of stress. Our Sacramento probate lawyers' goal in this area is to handle the entire process from beginning to end to allow your family to focus on what matters most… coming to terms with your loss and moving forward with your lives. If you are facing the prospect of California probate, contact us today for assistance.