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A Will is a fundamental component of any estate plan. A Will controls the distribution of property after the Testator—the maker of the Will—passes away. At Crider Law, we can design a Will that can help you accomplish goals such as:

  • Determine who gets your assets after you pass away, rather than the State of California making this decision for you
  • Name the person or institution that you want to manage your estate after death
  • Make gifts to charity
  • Determine who will bear the burden of estate and other taxes

What happens to your assets if you pass away without a Will? The State will distribute them according to the California law. In essence, the State will control “who gets what,” not you. The State will also appoint someone to manage your estate, and if you have minor children, name a person to care for them. These could very well be people you would never have chosen yourself to handle important decisions about your loved ones or assets.

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