Matthew Crider: Crider Law is a boutique law firm. We focus on four main areas of law.

First, we handle estate planning and elder law. Second, we handle estate and probate administration. Third, we handle probate litigation and trust litigation. Fourth, we handle family law.

What these four areas have in common is that they help individuals who are going through changes in their life, who need skilled counsel to help them navigate the legal maze, so that they can achieve their goals and protect themselves and their loved ones.

A lot of times, when people deal with a lawyer, they’re in crisis. Our first job is to help people feel comfortable, then we listen to them, then we help them come up with a solution that ultimately solves their problem. At the end of the day, our ultimate job is to help people sleep better at night.

Here at Crider Law we want to create lietime relationships with our clients. We want to see people at least annually or on a consistent basis. People’s lives change, their financial situations change, and the law changes. Here at Crider Law we want to be there for you, for those changes.